Robert Ordonez

                                                        ROBERTO ORDONEZ

                Height: 5'8"     Weight: 160 lbs         Hair: Brown            Eyes: Hazel   


Famished, supporting, The Players Theatre, Director Michael Goldburg 


Words Documentary, supporting, Mattioli Productions
The Endless Possibility of Sky, co-star, a Todd Verow film
Available Light, supporting, a Todd Verow film
Egon Schiele "Painting with fire" lead, DEVA films
Talk it Out Documentary, supporting, Dr Vince Pellegrino

Music Videos:

Fragments, co-star, singer Bella Saona, Director Victor Lau
I Found God, supporting, Group Mainland, Directed by Similar but different
I believe in us, supporting, Singer Leon, Director Cameron Busby


Child of the 70's, co-star, Director Michael Vaccaro 
15 Films about Madonna, co-star, A&E


Arthur Reel Studio, Scene study Arthur Reel
Scott Wojcik, 4 week Commercial Intensive 

Special skills:

Spanish speaking, basic American Sign Language, Fashion photographer,
car driver, swimmer, horse back riding, fashionista.


New York State Drivers License
Social Security Card 
Permanent Resident Card

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