Robert Ordonez

                                                        ROBERTO ORDONEZ

                Height: 5'8"     Weight: 160 lbs         Hair: Brown            Eyes: Hazel   


Famished, supporting, The Players Theatre, Director Michael Goldburg 


Words Documentary, supporting, Mattioli Productions
The Endless Possibility of Sky, co-star, a Todd Verow film
Available Light, supporting, a Todd Verow film
Egon Schiele "Painting with fire" lead, DEVA films
Talk it Out Documentary, supporting, Dr Vince Pellegrino

Music Videos:

Fragments, co-star, singer Bella Saona, Director Victor Lau
I Found God, supporting, Group Mainland, Directed by Similar but different
I believe in us, supporting, Singer Leon, Director Cameron Busby


Child of the 70's, co-star, Director Michael Vaccaro 
15 Films about Madonna, co-star, A&E


Metro magazine,model for dentist office 
Time Out New York, featured in the fashion section 

Arthur Reel Studio, Scene study Arthur Reel
Scott Wojcik, 4 week Commercial Intensive 
Acting Business Boot Camp,Peter Pamela Rose
Acting in Spanish,HB Studio,Pablo Andrade
ESL Acting for Beginners,The Barrow Group,Kate Neuman
Improv 101,UCB Training Center,Johnna Scrabis  
Voiceover Workshop,HOLA,Manny Herrera

Special skills:

Spanish speaking, basic American Sign Language, Fashion photographer,
car driver, swimmer, horse back riding, fashionista.


New York State Drivers License
Social Security Card 
Permanent Resident Card

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